Kitchen trends for 2020

With the first month of the new year successfully behind us, what better time than now to explore the latest kitchen trends. Here are our top kitchen trends for 2020 put together by our design experts at Holland Street Kitchens.

Paired back simplicity

Contemporary kitchen designed and build by Holland Street Kitchens, example of new kitchen trends for 2020.

Our modern lives are getting busier by the day. Therefore the desire to return to nature and simplify life has a strong impact on kitchen trends in 2020. This is how we see it translate into kitchen projects:

1. Minimal kitchen style with clean lines

Clever, yet invisible storage solutions allow kitchens to look serene and tidy even on the busiest day.

2. Handless cabinets

In order to preserve the minimal look of the kitchen cabinets, the popularity of discreet metal handles increases.

3. Focus on details

With simplified kitchen cabinets, beautiful and well-executed cabinetry details are a must.

4. Exposed materials

Mid-century modern trends are being reinvented for the contemporary kitchens with the use of richly grained ash and walnut veneers for cabinet doors.

5. Statement sinks and taps

Sinks and taps are becoming the focal points of the kitchen with stone kitchen sinks and industrial-looking brass taps being the trendiest choices.

Clever kitchen storage

Modern kitchen with clever storage designed and build by Holland Street Kitchens, example of new kitchen trends for 2020.

While kitchen cabinets are looking simple and sleek on the outside, the inside is becoming increasingly more personalised. We have customers coming to us, who are no longer satisfied by ‘one size fits all’. Instead, they want bespoke kitchen cabinetry sets that neatly store their possessions and help to organise kitchen space.

1. Concealed appliances

Having your kitchen appliances built into your kitchen cabinetry is no longer a thing of the past.

2. Clever storage

Increased demand in bespoke kitchen cabinet designed to be discreet while neatly and logically organising kitchen space.

3. Larders and pantries

Large or small, pantries help to keep all food items together, prevent food waste and free up kitchen space.

4. Open shelving

With all pots and pans neatly organised behind the cabinet doors, you can use the extra space to display family heirlooms, paintings, flowers, etc.

Kitchen trends for colours & textures

Bold blue kitchen designed and build by Holland Street Kitchens, example of new kitchen trends for 2020.

2020 kitchen trends embrace the colours and textures and strive to enrich space where families spend so much time. Kitchens continue to become more social and merge with living room spaces creating large open-spaces with kitchen islands and breakfast bars.

1. Marble returns

Beautiful stone with rich veining had been a popular choice for kitchen countertops; however, with ‘all marble kitchen’ you can also use marble slab on backsplashes or a kitchen island. It looks particularly beautiful if used in a light paired back kitchen design.

2. Dark cabinets

Using dark colours for cabinets of the shaker kitchen is a great way to give the scheme a more contemporary touch. Blue, green, but even black are all excellent choices.

3. Two-tone kitchens

No need to match all kitchen design aspects, the latest trend is to create a contrast between two design elements. You can experiment with the colour and material of kitchen countertops, flooring or kitchen cabinets.

4. Statement floor

Increasing in popularity especially in the open-plan kitchen schemes as contrasting flooring helps to zone the kitchen area.

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